Application Process

*We currently have funding for the Financial Support program.
Please note that we are only able to assist families that are currently residing and seeking cancer treatment within the state of Colorado.
*Your pet must have a cancer diagnosis for us to process your request.
*If you reside in Colorado and your pet has a cancer diagnosis (unfortunately, diagnostics are not covered), please request a checklist and application by emailing  We want to ensure we can offer financial support prior to requiring you to fill out any information. Thank you.
*We currently have funding for the Harley-Grey Project.  Please read the description below.  If you qualify, please feel free to send us an email.

Don’t worry – the application process won’t be too daunting.

After researching the needs of families with companion animals with cancer, it was revealed that families request education, counseling, and financial assistance in that order.

If you reside/are seeking cancer treatment within the state of Colorado and are in need of financial assistance, please email the KarmaSue Crew to ensure that we can help with your request.  We do not want you to participate in paperwork or take your precious time unnecessarily.  We would rather try to connect you with more fitting resources if they are out there.

Please visit our Education and Counseling pages to find out how we can support you and your family as well.  We look forward to working with you.