*We currently have funding for the Financial Support program.

*Please note that we are only able to assist families that are currently residing and seeking cancer treatment within the state of Colorado.
*Your pet must have a cancer diagnosis for us to process your request.
*If you reside in Colorado and your pet has a cancer diagnosis (unfortunately, diagnostics are not covered), please request a checklist and application by emailing  We want to ensure we can offer financial support prior to requiring you to fill out any information. Thank you.
*We currently have funding for the Harley-Grey Project.  Please read the description below.  If you qualify, please feel free to send us an email.

Financial Support Program
KarmaSue supports Coloradan families with the overwhelming cost that can be associated with a companion animal cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, we are unable to help with the cost of diagnostics.  Your pet must have a cancer diagnosis in order for us to process your application.  Thank you for your understanding.

In order to keep stress to a minimum, the KarmaSue team will work through the application process with the family and their veterinarian. If approved, funds will be sent to the veterinary clinic providing the service. KarmaSue helps with treatments related to cancer as well as costs connected to medication, euthanasia, and the like to honor the human-animal connection until the last moments are upon the family. Funds are raised via grant proposals, special events/fundraisers, and individual and private donations.

As a result of the action research project conducted in 2015, KarmaSue is a resource to established animal-related organizations to offer families prior to their needing assistance. KarmaSue is currently establishing relationships with veterinary clinics in an effort to understand the cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment/follow-up procedures during and after completion. KarmaSue will provide funding in any of these areas during treatment, follow-up procedures, and appointments. KarmaSue may not be able to absorb the entire amount requested; however, we will do our very best to pay for a treatment, prescription, or other related need on a case-by-case basis.

The cap to funding is directly related to the amount of donations received by KarmaSue. It is understood that this might limit the amount of families the organization can help via financial support; however, it is important to maintain and nurture the established relationships with families from beginning to end to honor the human-animal connection to the fullest. KarmaSue may not be able to provide the entire monetary amount requested; however, we offer two other programs (Education and Counseling) to fully help the families needing our support.  There is a restriction to fund only those affected by cancer in the state of Colorado due to financial limitations. However, further research, continuous development of community relationships, and effective branding will support KarmaSue in successful grant proposals and perhaps national expansion as the programs flourish and become more stabilized.

If you reside/are seeking cancer treatment within the state of Colorado and are in need of financial assistance, please email the KarmaSue Crew to ensure that we can help with your request.  We do not want you to participate in paperwork or take your precious time unnecessarily.  We would rather try to connect you with more fitting resources if they are out there.

The Harley-Grey Project

Harly 9  Harley 28
KarmaSue’s mission is to provide education, counseling, and financial support to Coloradan families that have companion animals living with cancer in an effort to honor the human-animal connection. As of January, 2019, KarmaSue has expanded to incorporate the Harley-Grey Project (the Project).

The Harley-Grey Project is dedicated to Crystal and Harley-Grey Kopp. KarmaSue received their application for financial assistance associated with a cancer diagnosis in September of 2018. KarmaSue staff accompanied the family to several oncology appointments and spent time with them outside of veterinary appointments. Harley-Grey lost her battle with osteosarcoma at home on November 2, 2018 at one and a half years old. She was an 84 pound Rottweiler; getting her to the vet was not a viable option at the time and alternate services were needed. After analyzing the situation and processes that might have been beneficial, the Founder/Executive Director drafted and introduced the Harley-Grey Project to the Board of Directors in Fall, 2018. The Board of Directors voted to begin establishment of the Project in December of 2018; the Project became live January 1, 2019.

The Project is comprised of restricted funds, housed under the Financial Support Program of KarmaSue and is available to current KarmaSue families (those that utilize any or all of the programs offered). The Project is designed to supplement the costs associated with euthanasia, removal of the deceased companion animal, cremation, or a combination of these services. KarmaSue will pay some or all of the costs related to the service(s) to minimize trauma experienced by the family enduring companion animal cancer.

Any balance over $1,000 in the Project at the end of any fiscal year will be transferred to the Financial Support Program. Any balance at or under $1,000 will remain restricted to the Project. The reason for this transfer is to remain consistent with KarmaSue’s mission and programs; not holding funds that may support others enduring companion animal cancer in time of need while still restricting a reasonable amount for the purpose of the Project.

KarmaSue has obtained community partners to enhance the Project and support Coloradan families as they confront events that they know are inevitable, but traumatic and devastating at the same time. KarmaSue commits to honoring the human-animal connection until the last moments are upon the family (and beyond); please help us as we make such a difficult time just a little bit easier for Coloradan families enduring companion animal cancer. Please email us directly if you have questions regarding this project.  If this project speaks to you, please help us build the fund by making a donation today.  Thank you for your time and compassion.