Education Program
KarmaSue provides education workshops to residents living in Colorado communities; virtual workshops are accessible to all. These sessions are not restricted to families that have companion animals with cancer. They are open to the public and listed on the Events page.

The workshops consist of understanding companion animal cancer, health related topics, treatment options, pet insurance options, healthy living for the human and his/her companion animal, and more. The workshops are offered through collaborations with community partners willing to share their expertise in an effort to honor the human-animal connection. As confirmed through in-person interviews, when a family hears a companion animal has cancer, they are usually under-informed and want to learn as much as possible to comfort their pets and confidently move forward with proper treatment. These workshops provide the ability to do just that and ensure the human is taking care of him or herself as well.

The education workshops take place at community facilities (e.g., libraries, veterinary clinics, and pet-related businesses) as well as Board and volunteer members’ homes.  Most recently, workshops have been offered virtually. The goal of these workshops is to provide education and information to families needing it most. They also provide a safe place to discuss what oftentimes seem to be foreign topics to many individuals that have never encountered animal cancer prior to this life-changing event.

To view a list of workshops, please visit our Events page.