Lovable Luna

Guest Blogger: Cody Y.
April, 2023

“Luna the Great Dane is my lapdog, joined to the hip, my baby; I have always worked from home since she was a pup, so she is upset even when I leave the house – which isn’t great for her, but I realize why. I feel the love and give it back to her. Pets are family to me. I never have or never would abandon or give them up. When you know the love of a dog it changes you. I feel bad for people that have never had that, or don’t treat dogs with the same love they give to them.

Luna means so much to me. I will sell my car if I must [to pay for her treatment]. These next years we can extend her life we want to do amazing things with her. I want to take her on new adventures with her brother Jabba the Bordeaux and Ruby the rescue mutt. I want to take her to lakes, and mountains and rivers and give her ice cream and bones and whatever her little heart desires. And we want to cherish the small things like when she jumps up and gives us human hugs, or she plays with her brother while laying down, or how she has this funny little moan when she’s happy and lying in bed with me. Four-years-old is too young to give up. Luna’s lymph nodes have gone from mango size back down to normal in three appointments, so I think she has a real shot at least another two years.”

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