Happy “Uncle” Boomer

Guest Blogger: Jessica B.
February, 2023

Boomer is a 6 (almost 7) year old Lab (lap)/Bulldog mix. Before he was sick, he weighed a hefty 95 pounds and every single ounce is pure love and joy. Boomer is the kind of guy who loves with everything. He has never met a stranger, always has been gentle and will always be a buddy when you need it. He is always smiling and just loves everything and everyone.

Boomer was born at the Adams Country shelter and along with his brother was adopted out as a puppy. He spent the first year and half of his life outdoors with his brother. He and his brother were returned to the shelter and because they were such big doggos, they were separated to increase chances for adoption. 

By the time we visited the shelter, Boomer (then Ruby) had seen his brother get adopted away and spent several weeks being overlooked. It took one shared glance and we knew he was meant to be with us.

Boomer was terrified, knowing that he didn’t want to be returned again, it was clear he has made himself to be a people pleaser, nothing he did was without direction and many times, we would have to coax him to go outside or play with toys. 

Boomer made fast friends with our oldest daughter and they became inseparable, he gave his heart to her and with time, learned to trust, love and let loose.

Boomer is always happy, happy to go for a ride, walk to the mailbox, snuggle in a bed or wait patiently at your feet. He is a constant shadow and a kind soul.

This past fall we agreed to foster a momma dog and her litter of nine puppies. Even at the beginning of his illness when he started to be visibly sick, he was wholeheartedly loved and the best uncle Boomer he could be. He helped raise and socialize 9 little pups and you could see the love pouring out of him.

Cancer sucks, so much so because it effects the kindest of souls, the ones who have so much to give this world. Of course during diagnostics Boomer was such a good boy, test after test, after ultrasound he always had a wiggly tail and good spirits. 

Even when we knew for sure that it wasn’t good news, Boomer was still happy and comforting us. The most poignant offer of support came from the oncology doctor when she said, the only thing good about this is that animals have no concept of time.

As owners we focus so much on time, on how long we can have, how much extension there is because we just aren’t ready to say goodbye. It has been humbling to see Boomer keep on chugging, not knowing anything about time.

Of course, stubbornly, we continue to fight time, different foods, holistic measures, added dietary supplements, all to squeak out every last moment we can find.

Which brought us to KarmaSue. The worst feeling is to have two sheets of paper in front of us after a cancer diagnosis. One talking about palliative care, lower cost for sure, but on a truncated time table, and one offering much more time with our Family, our heart, our love, which an exponential cost. 

We knew that the only thing we could live with was to try to give him as much as we can, any way we could, in whatever capacity. The idea of “lets start treatment now, and work on finding the funding where we can” overtook us.

Many organizations have complicated processes to qualify for help, certain requirements, only certain diagnoses can be sponsored, must see certain specialists, who are booked out months, but he didn’t have that time, and frankly, sometimes life just hits you hard all at once and you just need help.

That is where we were, a rough few months just landed us in the spot that we felt stuck and underwater. The stars aligned, and out of chance we stumbled on KarmaSue, you guys made it easy, gave us space to breathe and offered a kind word, expecting nothing in return. KarmaSue sponsored the big guy, and gave him the time we so desperately needed.

Boomer responded wonderfully to the first few treatments, showing CLINICAL REMISSION already. He acts like nothing happened or is happening. He has the opportunity to squish out more months of love and gets the opportunity to love us how we need to be loved right now.

We look forward to being able to keep sharing his story with you, we relish the opportunity to show you the wonderful guy you helped, we know it isn’t  forever, we know time will eventually be stolen from us, but for right now, it is enough.

Many thanks and Much Love

From Boomer and the Gang

Boomer does have a GoFundMe campaign, we are still working towards his goal for covering his treatment and updating about his treatment. You can find that information at:

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